Food Literature – Animal, Vegetable, Miracle


I am almost finished reading this wonderful book on growing and eating one’s own food by Barbara Kingsolver.  The author and her family chronicled an entire year of being “localvores”, those who live off what their land produces, supplemented only by food available locally.  I recommend this book to anyone who is completely out of touch with how food is grown and processed in this country.  It is the perfect book for those who are starting out with small attempts to grow their favorite foods. While rift with food politics, this book also has recipes and it is full of adages as to the time and effort it takes to tend a garden.  I am inspired by and in awe of the chapter entitled “You Can’t Run Away on Harvest Day” which eloquently describes butchering.

I’d love to spend a week at harvest with Barbara Kingsolver. She posseses such a huge wealth of knowledge. I haven’t tried any of the recipes, but there seems to be quite a few that are truly creative; the kind of recipes that come from abundance- the onslaught of green beans, zucchini coming out of your ears and 2 tons of tomatoes needing processing.   Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is not only a lesson in food politics but a fantastic discourse on food in America and potentially in your own back yard. The website is a great resource for finding locallly produced foods.


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