Trail Mix Upgrade: Sahale Snacks



Consider Sahale Nut Snacks trail mix for foodies. These gourmet nut and fruit combos are totally amazing, very interesting and even good for you. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Sahale was started in 2002.  These snacks are available at upscale groceries and health food stores across the country.  Their website has a search tool to find retailers near you as well as links to online suppliers.

I try to keep a bag with me when I travel for healthy sustenence in the bleak arena known as airport food.  Sahale Nut Snacks are incredibly satisfying: sweet, savory, crunchy and down right delicious. With great ingredients like flax seeds, balsamic vinegar, dried pineapple combined with lightly glazed nuts, these are an elegant relief from ordinary trail mix. The Soledad Almonds(above) are my personal favorite.  Sahale nut blends would be perfect offered as a hostess gift, served alongside cocktails or as an addition to a cheese board.


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