Soup for Breakfast


If you like to give books as holiday gifts, be sure to add Calef Brown books to the top of your shopping list.  The book shelf at Casa Mayone has a growing collection of Brown’s work.  His writing is silly, whimsical and downright fun to read.  His illustrations are pleasing to the eye with gorgeous colors and wild designs.  We especially love his new book, Soup for Breakfast.  I often find myself wondering how did he come up with that?

Donuts from Soup for Breakfast
Why do all grownups
like donuts so much?
They rave about flavors
and fillings and such.
They praise all the glazes.
They savor the dough.
Donuts are tasty.
We get it!
We know!!

I recently found out that Calef Brown has a blog, Polkabats with original art and musings.  Check out Eschew The Stew to find out what happens to poor Sue when she orders the stew against everyone’s warnings.

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