The Seven Silly Eaters


To say that this book is a Mayone family favorite is an understatement.  The Seven Silly Eaters, written by Mary Ann Hoberman and illustrated by Marla Frazee, is such a bedtime standard in this house that I can read it without looking at the words.

Parents of fussy eaters will enjoy this story because it is a tale about a family full of children who will only eat one thing.  It begins with Peter who will only drink warm milk.  His sister Lucy is stuck on lemonade, more specifically pink lemonade.  The verse is fun and rhyming.  The illustrations are superb.  Each of my children have a specific picture that makes them laugh out loud.  Vincenzo likes to point out the boy sitting on the potty.  Lollie always loved the chaotic kitchen.

How does it end?  We can’t tell.  To find out, you’ll have to get it at the library or at the bookstore.

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