For the foodie who has everything, try ver jus.


Ver Jus means "green juice" and it is a wonderful "aha" ingredient for cooking. It is made from juicing unripened Cabernet and Merlot grapes. Ver Jus is unfermented and it would make a splendid gift for any foodie.  Both Navarro Vineyards and Terra Sonoma  sell it online, but a really good gourmet shop or wine shop might stock it as well.

The flavor is slightly sour, with a very nice hint of green grapes. It works extremely well in salad dressings. The recipe book I got from Navarro Vineyards featured it in a salad with fresh pears, green apples, spinach leaves and walnut oil. It was so simple and refreshing. As we get into heavy meals having something like Ver Jus around to dress a salad is a godsend on a cold wintery day.

Recipes featuring Ver Jus

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