Gingerbread “Bread” with Pears


OK, I’ve found my Christmas morning toast.  Admittedly, I have a thing for toast.  Good bread makes the world a better place and When Pigs Fly Bakery is one of my most loved local bakeries.

Pigs Fly (as we locals call it) started small and just keeps growing.  Their loaves are a bit on the pricey sides, but every toothsome bite is worth it.  Their basic flavors (100% whole wheat, sourdough, six grain and pumpkin seed) are available at certain grocery stores.  Their specialty flavors like (Sicilian Green Olive with Cherry Peppers, Banana Pecan, Maple and Brown Sugar) can be found at their company stores.

Last Saturday, we made a mad holiday run to Freeport, Maine (home of LL Bean).  The best part of a trip to Freeport is the bread at Pigs Fly.  The newest flavor, Gingerbread "bread" with Pears, is going to be my Christmas morning toast.  If I can wait three days for the rich, ginger kissed dough spiked with thick slices of sweet pears.

Did you know that the best way to store bread for future toasting is in the freezer, either in a freezer bag or doubled-bagged?  Toast frozen slices for bread that tastes like it was just bought.

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