Amazing Yogurt Panna Cotta Recipe



Traderspoint Creamery in Indiana and  Farmers Creamery in Iowa make some of the best grass-fed dairy products out there. I particularly love these products because they are made from non-homogenized, lightly pasteurized milk (meaning not ultra-pasteurized which I really resent).  The flavor is fantastic. The yogurt comes in a glass bottle and it is the closest thing to homemade yogurt I’ve found. I mix it with 1 cup of orange juice in the morning. Pour it on berries. They also make some flavored yogurts.

Inspired by the  Yogurt Panna Cotta that was featured at Peggy’s Markel’s Indian dinner at The Kitchen in Boulder, I made this wonderful dessert. Don’t be put off by the gelatin sheets, they work better than powdered gelatin and are available at specialty food stores or online. I do not recommend substituting powdered for the sheets as they are considerably different.

Yogurt Panna Cotta    

3 1/2 cups heavy cream (I used Farmers Creamery)
Vanilla Bean, split in half lengthwise, scrap out the seeds
4 (1/2) sheets of gelatin (gelatin is sold in 1/2 sheet size)
1 cup light Wholesome Sweeteners Brown Sugar
2 cups whole milk yogurt (Traderspoint Creamy)

Place the heavy cream and the vanilla bean into a medium sauce pan over medium heat.  Bring to a boil; watch the pot so that it doesn’t boil over. Remove from heat.  Place 4 of the gelatin sheets into a large pan filled with cool water.  Let “bloom” or soften for 5 minutes.

Once the cream is turned off and only slightly warm, pick the gelatin sheets out of the water bath and place them into the cream and stir.

Stir the brown sugar, vanilla extract and yogurt into the cream. Mix gently, but well.  Using a fine sieve, strain the mixture into serving glasses. Immerse the dessert glasses into a cold water bath. Place in the refrigerator and allow to set. This takes about 3 hours.

Enjoy with fresh strawberry slices tossed with a little sugar. A touch of Fiori di Italia would be fine in there too. Panna Cotta also makes a very good breakfast, what a divine way to start the day!

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