“Let’s make cupcakes!”


The other day Vincenzo and I had a quiet moment, a block of unscheduled time.  Usually, this time might be spent playing endless rounds of Cariboo or perhaps building and smashing towers.  Today however, Vincenzo had other plans, "Let’s make cupcakes," he exclaimed.

Hmmmmm, twist my arm. "Cupcakes sounds like a fabulous idea."  I have been wanting to try the cupcake recipes from Food and Wine, so we did.  I was plum out of muffin tin liners, so we sprayed the tins generously with Baker’s Joy.  The buttercream frosting recipe also came from Food and Wine.  I am happy to report that both the cake and frosting recipes were delicious.

"I can do it myself!"

Mmmmmmm, the best part.

"Are they ready yet?  Are they ready yet?"

A few drops of red food coloring and "voila" pink buttercream frosting.  I am so glad he didn’t pick blue or green.

Click here for the cupcake recipe.
Click here for the frosting recipe (food coloring optional).

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