Summer Sips: Arnold Palmer



Nothing screams summer like lemonade and iced tea.  When you mix equal parts of the two together, you’ve got yourself an “Arnold Palmer” or a “Half and Half.”.  Famed golfer, Arnold Palmer often enjoyed this sip and is thus credited with the creation.

Of course, you could make homemade lemonade but if you haven’t the time or the lemons, store-bought will certainly suffice.  Tasty brands include: Odwalla, Simply Lemonade and Newman’s Own.  Fresh brewed iced tea is a must for two reasons.  First, it tastes much better than the powdered or store-bought varieties of tea.  Second, it allows you to control caffeine and sugar.

At Casa Mayone, we brew decaf black tea and mix it with whatever lemonade happens to be in the house.  I do not sweeten the tea, so the only sugar comes from the lemonade and no one has caught onto this yet!

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