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The "No-Drip Honey Pump" is one of my favorite gadgets from the Fancy Food Show.  The folks at Savannah Bee Company take their honey quite seriously and the result is a superior, consistent product.  Additionally, they are masters at packaging and design; their products are so pretty you want them in your kitchen.

So… back to the super cool, totally drip-free honey pump:  I am going to guess that Savannah Bee Company has spent more than a few years and probably lots of money to perfect this handy gadget.  It is designed to fit their signature 12.6-oz. tower jar.  It has not hit the market yet, but it is available for pre-order on their website or you can just wait to find it at your local gourmet store.

I can assure you that I tested this pump and sampled almost every varietal of honey at their booth.  It honestly does not drip.  It is a truly novel and noble solution to sticky honey jars and counters.


Savannah Bee Company’s other new products include honeys selected and bottled to be specifically paired with certains drinks or foods.  So, I’ll start with a swirl of tea honey in my mint tea and go from there.

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