Maple Syrup Sandwich Bread


A few nights back, we had a coolish afternoon and evening.  It was also a bit damp and I was feeling the urge to bake bread.  I love baking bread and my family loves to eat it.  Rock Star status is guaranteed when I pull a yeasty, golden loaf from the oven.

Life around here often dictates “No Knead” Focaccia, but I happened to have a few spare moments and almost immediately recalled this recipe from The Wednesday Chef.  After a quick glance through the pantry, the bread began to take shape.

The original recipe for this bread was written by Florence Fabricant back in 1987 and it will be appearing in the Mayone kitchen for years to come.  We have dear friends, who generously keep us stocked in Maine maple syrup from their family camp.  This recipe gives me yet another opportunity to use my “Farnham Gold” syrup, as if I needed one!

Scalding the milk, butter and maple syrup.

First proof.

Isn’t the possibility of homemade bread beautiful?

Second proofing, ready for the waiting oven.

And the crowd goes wild…..
“When can we cut it?  Is it ready yet?  I don’t think it’s too hot!

I followed Luisa’s posted recipe with great success.  A few quick notes: For the 2nd proofing (in the loaf pan), I let the dough rise for 1 hour.  The loaf baked for 35 minutes and it was done.  I brushed the crust of the hot loaf with melted butter.

For the original recipe, click here.

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