Homemade Granola Bars – Encouragement and Tips


It is only three weeks into school here in Boulder and my kids are already fatigued with the bars we usually buy. Getting them involved in customizing their own bars has been loads of fun. Best yet, these bars are healthier and if allergens are an issue, you have the ultimate control in your own kitchen.

I had a blast coming up with some for my husband -who doesn’t like many of the grocery store bars. Additionally you can use quality ingredients.  There are some sites that allow you to “customize” your own bars, but they are far more expensive than making your own.

Homemade Granola Bars Tips:

1. If you find yourself making lots of homemade granola bars, get yourself a pan with a removable bottom like this cheesecake pan.  It makes pressing the “dough” into the pan easier and therefore you will have consistent pieces.

2. Be sure to have parchment paper and a rolling pin handy for making the bars square.

3. Buy your ingredients in bulk, especially the nut butters and brown rice syrup. You’ll appreciate getting the ingredients out of the large openings It’s also less expensive and has a greater “green” factor since you can reuse the containers when you go back to the store for more.

I am busy at work finishing up six different bar recipes, please stay tuned…

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