Fabulous Neighbors and Fabulous Food


Here in the hood, grapevines divide the yards and grills are often shared.  We have been enjoying warm days so grilling is still quite common as compared to braving zero degree temperatures for burgers in January.

The other night, the “big, fat, juicy steak” requested by my children co-mingled with my neighbor’s Greek Lamb Kebabs.  Eliza’s “lamb lollipops” looked so good, I had to inquire.

It was a new recipe to her from the Food Network’s Cooking for Real with Sunny Anderson.  Eliza served up the lamb with the cucumber and tomato salad also featured on the “Opa!” episode.  Total Yum.  The grilled ground lamb was expertly seasoned with oregano, rosemary and cumin.  It got me to thinking, the lamb could also be made into burgers, served on pitas and topped with the tzatziki sauce.  Again, total yum.

Barr is a fan of Sunny Anderson, the host of Cooking for Real.  I guess it is time to tune in!

For the recipes click here.

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