72 Layer Cream Cheese Biscuits


These flaky, rich biscuits from Robinhood Meeting House are the perfect way to start the New Year.  I strongly suggest you purchase two packages because once you bake off the first package, you will instantaneously want more.

Made in a family-owned bakery in Bath, Maine, this biscuits are the penultimate biscuit.  After winning a Fancy Food Award in 2006, the company has grown swiftly.  The biscuits are in most of the 50 states and online.

I have never made it up to Robinhood to have dinner at the Free Meeting House, where these biscuits originated, but it is on the list.

Lollie is an 11 year-old biscuit aficionado and she has proclaimed these biscuits “the best to date.”  So add them to your shopping list and start the New Year with sheer biscuit bliss.


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