Meatless Monday: Mezze Platter


Inspired by Barr’s flavor trip on Devon Avenue, I decided that this week’s Meatless Monday would be a big mezze platter.  Ours featured hummus, carrots, roasted peppers (the kids think it is so cool to roast them over the gas burner), feta dip (whipped cream cheese, feta chives and a touch of milk), cucumbers, olives and some Trader Joe’s beans gigante white beans.

Mezze can be simply translated as appetizers inspired by Eastern Mediterranean cuisines.  Mezze is often heavy on the vegetables.

This dinner could be riffed a thousand different ways.  Suit it to your tastes.  Make all the dips homemade, or not.  Go for crunchy pita chips, soft naan or go crazy and make homemade pitas like Barr.

As we roll into warmer temps, this makes a fantastic no-cook dinner full of flavor (and nutrition).  Add a nice glass of wine and what’s not to love?

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