A Raspberry Dream in February


A few weeks back I was lucky enough to enjoy 3 hours of food and beverage happy time in southern Maine with my dear friend and fellow flavorista, Kathy. We met up at Stonewall Kitchen's Flagship store in York, Maine. FYI – January and February are a great months to stop at Stonewall Kitchen and take advantage of the post-holiday sale items.

Of course one of the best things about shopping at a Stonewall Kitchen location is getting to sample all of the deliciousness before you buy. I adore so many of the products.

Kathy picked up Pulled Pork Simmering Sauce and I decided on Seedless Red Raspberry Jam. This jam tastes and smells just like fresh picked summer raspberries, minus the thorn bush scrapes. It has the texture and uncooked flavor of a freezer jam and is superb on toast or stirred into plain yogurt. I am almost ashamed to say that my jar is two-thirds gone and I haven't shared any of it. Honestly, I hid it behind all of the other jams.

If you ever had the opportunity to try Fresh Samantha's Raspberry Dream (it only lives on in cyberspace), this product is its long lost jam cousin. Interestingly enough, this jam uses seedless raspberry puree as one of its base ingredients. I wonder if it is the same raspberry puree we used at Fresh Samantha to make Raspberry Dream?

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