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pinterest_logo_redOK, I confess, I have a new love. Pinterest. For those of you who are uninitiated, Pinterest is a great search engine that allows you to “pin” on to virtual bulletin boards all the things that you think are fabulous. I have several “boards” and use them constantly. For example, if you are really interested in finding inspiring recipes for gluten-free or Paleo diets, or maybe you are just fond of gardening or fashion – there are like-minded folks who will make finding what your looking for easy. Why this is important is that Pinterest helps you find what you’re looking for from a variety of sources, more easily than Google

WARNING: Don’t log into Pinterest unless you have at least an hour to devote to test driving it, learning to navigate it, building your boards and finding people you want to follow. Once you have it set up, you’re good to go. If you’re still not convinced, think of these “boards” as a virtual filing cabinet for all the things you love or want to try some day.

I used to tear pages out of magazines and then create files for them. Once in a while I would go sift through the files and actually try the recipe  but mostly I forgot about them. Now I am actually making the recipes. If you are curious as to what I’ve tried, check out the board that is entitled – very creatively, “Things I’ve made from Pinterest”. The other recipe boards have not been tested  – yet. I also have a board for great gardening ideas and a dream board for kitchens and places I want to visit someday. You can even make a board for all the books you want to read, or DIY projects. It’s simple, fun and very useful.

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Kimberly and I are both on Pinterest and you can choose to follow all or just one of our boards.  Now if your curiosity is tickled, offers this detailed post on how to get really good at Pinterest. To follow any or all of my boards, just click here. Happy Pinning!

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