Inspired Fresh Green Peas

Middle eastern Coucous

I love fresh green peas. Not only are they beautiful and tasty, but they are nutrient dense. One of the hot designer ingredients right now is isolated pea protein. It’s showing up in vegan smoothie boosts and bars. While I can’t say it’s delicious, it is great to have another vegan protein alternative available.


Here are a few yummy snack foods that feature peas. These savory crunchies make a much healthier choice than potato chips:
Bhuja Peas
Majan’s Bhuja Spiced peas are incredibly addicting as are Calabee’s Pea Crisps.


Here are a few recipes to consider while the fresh ones are in season, (although you can substitute frozen peas anytime).

This recipe for Peas with Pistachios inspired this farro, peas, pistachio and feta salad.


I served it with some quickly sauteed pea shoots with a touch of garlic, salt and pepper and about 1 Tbsp. of olive oil.

Israeli or Jordanian Couscous with Peas Middle eastern Coucous

Click here for the recipe.
Make a warm French Potato Salad and add a few fresh peas for color.

Pea Hummus . We love this recipe because it’s easy and versatile. I’ve made it without tahini and with different spices and it pleases every time.

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