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Pressure Cookers


The winter months are a great time to start incorporating more legumes into your diet. I think the best way to cook dried beans is with a pressure cooker. It takes under 30 minutes to cook pre-soaked beans and the results are always great. They are even better in the warm months as you don’t […]

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Happy Chinese New Year – Part 2


Inspired by Tracey’s photos after hearing about her amazing journey, I created two recipes. Our neighborhood had a potluck party for Chinese New Year.  These were my contributions. To make the dumplings, I used a gyoza mold. They are available at good Asian markets or at Gourmet Sleuth. Steamed Dumplings                 I’m not sold on the gyoza wrappers for […]

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Pancakes for Supper


My grandfather loved having pancakes for supper on Sunday nights. The children’s book by that title is wonderful with beautiful graphics. Below is our family recipe for Pancakes for Supper. Be sure to serve your pancakes with really good bacon and/or your favorite sausage links. Whole Grain Dinner Pancakes Obviously,these are just as good for breakfast. They […]

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The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages


This was one of those books that I bought for myself during the holidays. I have really enjoyed perusing it and look foward to trying many of the recipes. In case you are wondering, it is really more of a cookbook than a history book and the recipes are from around the world. Anne Mendelson does […]

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One Pan Chicken Dinner


Here is a wonderful one pot chicken dinner before I covered it with foil and placed it into the oven. I adapted this from the 2008 December issue of Food & Wine. This was so good and easy. You could prep the vegetables and season the chicken the night before you are going to cook it.  Keep the […]

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Betty Fussell


One of my icons is Betty Fussell, who has been researching and writing about food for over 50 years. Her memoir, My Kitchen Wars is a great read and a wonderful view into to the lives of the women of her generation who were laying the ground work for the woman’s lib movement. One of […]

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Chaat – Not Related to Chit

Chaat - Not Related to Chit

Vik’s Chat House in Berkeley, CA is a real gem. They started out as a small storefront and distribution company for all ingredients needed to cook authentic Indian food. They grew into a warehouse like restaurant that offers some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had. Their mango lassi (a thick yogurt smoothie made with mangoes, yogurt […]

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New Mexican Posole – Hangover Helper


The tri-color heirloom hominy from Abondanza Farms in Boulder, Coloado is very different from canned hominy. I’m not quite sure if cooking it in lime, then rinsing it, rinsing it again and then finally removing the hull, is something I’ll do again, but it is very pretty.  I like the buttered popcorn flavor of canned hominy. The fresh hominy […]

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Nigella- and I don’t mean Lawson


   While perusing my recent copy of Nutraceuticals World, I came accross a bit of information about one of my favorite seeds from India, the nigella seed.  There it is used on top of breads and it has a wonderful distinct flavor that is like onion but without the bite. Known as “Black Seed” in […]

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In Memoriam – Diana Shafroth


Diana Holland Shafroth, my mother-in-law and flavorista, died January 6, 2009 at the age of 80 with family around. There are many wonderful things I will always associate with her: gin, bridge, Cape Cod, her love of people and travel – and of course her family. There are wonderful dishes I will also hold close: chili rellenos […]

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