Five Questions with Kathy Patalsky


Flavorista found Kathy Patalsky via Twitter and we couldn’t be more impressed. Kathy is the creator of The Lunchbox Bunch and the author of a vegan blog called Healthy. Happy. Life. What is your latest project? An amazing California-wellness themed cookbook. It will include vegan recipes, photos, stories and wellness tips. It’s based on my […]

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Umami – The 5th Taste


 The Fifth Taste is a cookbook but most importantly it describes the alluring fact that there is a another taste beyond sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Hard to discern and elusive to many American palettes,umami is the undescribable element of a things like oysters, shitake mushrooms, tamari, worchestershire sauce, fish sauce and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Umami taste comes […]

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Five Questions with Ana Patuleia Ortins


I had the pleasure of interviewing Ana Patuleia Ortins, author of Portuguese Homestyle Cooking, when I was researching an article on Portuguese cooking.  She is a first generation descendant of Portuguese immigrants from the Alto Alentejo region.  Ana grew up with culinary traditions attached to the food of her ancestors and graduated from culinary school, fine tuning […]

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Pancakes for Supper


My grandfather loved having pancakes for supper on Sunday nights. The children’s book by that title is wonderful with beautiful graphics. Below is our family recipe for Pancakes for Supper. Be sure to serve your pancakes with really good bacon and/or your favorite sausage links. Whole Grain Dinner Pancakes Obviously,these are just as good for breakfast. They […]

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The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages


This was one of those books that I bought for myself during the holidays. I have really enjoyed perusing it and look foward to trying many of the recipes. In case you are wondering, it is really more of a cookbook than a history book and the recipes are from around the world. Anne Mendelson does […]

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Betty Fussell


One of my icons is Betty Fussell, who has been researching and writing about food for over 50 years. Her memoir, My Kitchen Wars is a great read and a wonderful view into to the lives of the women of her generation who were laying the ground work for the woman’s lib movement. One of […]

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Happy October Pumpkin Muffins


October is definitely my favorite month of the year.  “Back to School Chaos” settles a bit and “Holiday Craziness” has yet to begin.  The weather is usually tremendous.  Here in Maine, the leaves are just so gorgeous.  Last weekend, we headed down to the Seashore Trolley Museum for their annual Pumpkin Patch Trolley ride.  Several trolley […]

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Yes, There are American Culinary Traditions!


Molly O’Neill is a Flavorista Icon because she is fervently working  to document our melting pot culinary heritage. She is a great storyteller, food writer, critic and chef. Back in 1992, she started on her quest with the New York Cookbook which is still in print sixteen years later! This is such an amazing tome of recipes […]

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Food Literature – Animal, Vegetable, Miracle


I am almost finished reading this wonderful book on growing and eating one’s own food by Barbara Kingsolver.  The author and her family chronicled an entire year of being “localvores”, those who live off what their land produces, supplemented only by food available locally.  I recommend this book to anyone who is completely out of touch with how food is grown and […]

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Queen of Schmootz


  I hope that when I’ve long left this earth, I will be remembered for my purees, mashes, or quite simply put, schmootz’s. I love to experiment with different ingredients and never tire of creating new combinations. The dip on the left has its origins in one of my favorite cookbooks from the fabulous Greek restaurant in […]

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