Holiday Tipples – Castro’s Honey Spiced Punch


Sure to impress friends and rum-lovers, Castro’s Honey Spiced Punch calls on a few specialty liquors that will keep your friends guessing on the recipe.  If possible, chill all of the base liquors before assembling the punch. Honey Spiced Punch Erick Castro, The Rickhouse, San Francisco 1 cup Leblon Cachaca 1/2 cup Appleton V/X 1/2 […]

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Holiday Tipples – Homemade Irish Cream


Many, many moons ago, my Aunt Nancy gave Marco and me some homemade Irish cream for Christmas morning coffee.  For a few years, I duplicated the Irish cream handing it out to friends, family and colleagues.  It was always well received. This Irish cream is ideally suited for coffee drinks and milkshakes.  It has a stronger whiskey flavor than Bailey’s but […]

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Holiday Tipples, Old Sydney Town Punch


Hosting a holiday fete and not sure what to serve for a signature cocktail?  Fear not!  Between now and New Year’s, we will be offering up quite a few, festive holiday sips. Nothing says it is time to toast the season like a punch bowl, so today we offer Old Sydney Town Punch, a recipe […]

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Gogi’s Iced Tea


Today would mark the 81st birthday of my mother-in-law, the remarkable Diana Shafroth. She died in January and as an homage to her flavorista memory, I offer her famous iced tea. Next year, I will feature her preferred cocktail during the summer, the Gogi Special.  It was invented somewhere on the Atlantic ocean as she, […]

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Summer Sips: Arnold Palmer


     Nothing screams summer like lemonade and iced tea.  When you mix equal parts of the two together, you’ve got yourself an “Arnold Palmer” or a “Half and Half.”.  Famed golfer, Arnold Palmer often enjoyed this sip and is thus credited with the creation. Of course, you could make homemade lemonade but if you haven’t the time […]

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Homemade Grenadine


Lollie is just a little bit crazy for Shirley Temples, but I am not too crazy about grocery store grenadine, which is little more than pretty, red, sugar water flavored with something that may or may not have once been a pomegranate. After much trial and error, Lollie and I have come up with a […]

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Mommy’s Time Out


On Friday night, flavorista Julie brought a fun bottle of wine for dinner.  I laughed out loud when I saw the label: Mommy’s Time Out Pinot Grigio.  Very reasonably priced at $10/bottle, this Italian wine is light and simple, a perfect aperatif wine.  Now you know what to bring to the next “Girls Night In.”

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Try a Pink Lady Cocktail for Valentine’s


Fellow blogger, Kirsten Amann, aka the Undercover Blonde is quite passionate about cocktails.  She is a founding member of the Boston chapter of LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), In a recent video post, she demonstrated how to prepare an authentic Pink Lady cocktail.  I know what I will be drinking on […]

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Ode to Dona Tomas


  On a recent jaunt to the Bay Area, my flavorista friend, Terry, introduced me to the lovely Dona Savitsky who has 3 beautiful dining establishments in the East Bay. I made it to 2 and I am still savouring the best Mai Tai I’ve ever had at her newest estblishment, Flora in Oakland. The secret […]

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It is Time for a Toast


  With holiday cheer abounding, I thought I would mention a value sparkler that stands up well alone or adorned with creme de cassis for kir royales.  Zardetto Prosecco is relatively easy to find.  I have seen it priced as low as $10/bottle.  It is dry, but citrusy, light-bodied and refreshing. So in a virtual toast, […]

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