Cranberry Cocktails for Turkey Day


Thanks to "Sex in the City," a Cosmopolitan (aka "a cosmo") is the ultimate cranberry cocktail, but you can do so much more with that humble cranberry juice. Here is a round up of print and web recipes for cranberry libations: From Ocean Spray, The Cranberry Raspberry Flirtini 2 ounces Ocean Spray® Cranberry Juice Cocktail 1 ounce […]

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St. Germain Liqueur


  If you are looking to upgrade your brunch this year, find yourself a bottle of St. Germain Liqueur from France.  The floral nose on this liqueur will blow you away.  Made from elderflowers picked in the French Alps, St. Germain is fragrant and just a bit sweet.  The bottle is made from thick cut […]

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Scott’s Happy Birthday Caketini


My friends, Scott and Richard are true flavoristas.  They dine out often, enjoy fine spirits and travel for food.  Scott happens to be the pastry chef at the Portland Regency Hotel.  This fabulous cocktail was developed recipe after he and Richard conducted several “tasting sessions” at local watering holes.  By happenstance, October is Scott’s birthday […]

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In Praise of Port Wine


I am wrapping up a writing/recipe assignment that revolved around cooking with wine.  One of the dishes is a crispy duck breast served with a port, fig and shallot wine reduction sauce.  My love affair with port began my freshman year at Cornell.  Port was simply delicous, yet at the same time exotic and complex.  I’ve […]

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Summertime Sips


Odwalla’s Summertime Lime makes a great mixer. If you are looking for refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, combine 1/4 cup Odwalla Mango Tango with about 2 cups Summertime Lime and serve it over ice. For a better price point, try Minute Maid’s Simply Limeade. Summertime Lime Mojito 6 fresh mint leaves 1/2 cup Odwalla Summertime Lime Pulp from ½ fresh lime 1-ounce quality […]

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Tonic Water Rediscovered!


If you haven’t heard of or sipped Q Tonic, we highly encourage you to get some in your glass. It makes you wish they never stopped making tonic this way. Say good-bye to overly sweet Canada Dry.  Q Tonic has fewer calories and is sweetened with agave syrup.  It even has real honest to goodness quinine in it! Historically quinine was […]

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