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Puff Pastry Sticks

I have been playing around with fun, quick things to make-ahead for cocktail parties.  Working with pre-made frozen puff pastry sheets couldn’t be easier. There are so many things you can do with these cocktail sticks.  You can season them with hard cheeses, spice blends and savory jams, or make them into dessert sticks by […]

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Mexican Spiced Chocolate Rum Sauce

I bought a bag of Mayan spiced cocoa from Savory Spice Shop a while back.  In the winter I enjoy it prepared as hot chocolate. The heat from the chilies makes it especially warming on a cold, blustery day. Its unique blend of chilies, hazelnut powder, vanilla and cinnamon inspired this chocolate sauce.   I […]

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Onion and Potato Tart

The scene in It’s Complicated where Meryl Streep makes Pain au Chocolat with Steve Martin reminded me how much fun it is to cook with puff pasrty. This onion tart is a really easy and delicious; it goes well with any meat, with soup or alongside salad. It could also be cut into thin slices and served […]

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Puff Perfected

In Boulder we finish school earlier than most kids in the U.S. Tomorrow is our final PTA meeting and I decided to host it with tipples and nibbles. A perfect opportunity to try a recipe from Martha Holmberg’s new book Puff – 50 Flaky, Crunchy, Delicious Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts made with Puff Pastry.  Holmberg is […]

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