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Queen of Schmootz – Muhammara

Finding myself the lucky recipient of many large red bell peppers, I needed some quick ways to use them. After grilling them and removing the stems, skin and seeds. I placed them into a glass container and covered them with olive oil. The oil seals off the air and acts as a preservative so the peppers […]

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Queen of Schmootz Holiday Amuse Bouche – Part I

 I first discovered Lima Bean Skordalia at Market Hall in Rockridge. This delightful, light green schmootz is made by The Pasta Shop.  It is very garlicky and wonderful. Serve it with Pita crisps.   Lima Bean Puree   Make up two two days ahead, bring to room temperature before serving.   1 lb frozen baby lima […]

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Queen of Schmootz

  I hope that when I’ve long left this earth, I will be remembered for my purees, mashes, or quite simply put, schmootz’s. I love to experiment with different ingredients and never tire of creating new combinations. The dip on the left has its origins in one of my favorite cookbooks from the fabulous Greek restaurant in […]

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Middle eastern Coucous

Inspired Fresh Green Peas

I love fresh green peas. Not only are they beautiful and tasty, but they are nutrient dense. One of the hot designer ingredients right now is isolated pea protein. It’s showing up in vegan smoothie boosts and bars. While I can’t say it’s delicious, it is great to have another vegan protein alternative available. Here […]

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Simply Organic French Onion Dip

Allow me to introduce you to the little black dress of my pantry: Simply Organic French Onion Dip. My neighbor, Eliza, turned me onto to it several years ago when she served it at a party. I seriously could not stop eating it – like get your face out of the dip bowl Mayone. This […]

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Meatless Monday: Romesco, a Rite of Spring

Romesco sauce originates from Spain and is one of my favorite schmootzes. Usually it's enjoyed in the spring as a sauce for grilled spring onions. I've seen versions of it made with walnuts, almonds and pine nuts or a combination of all of them. Since my other favorite schmootz is muhammara is made with walnuts; […]

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Meatless Monday: Kid-Approved Sweet Potato Hummus

I’ve got a house full of dippers/grazers and after the success of Fatima’s Salad, I thought a hummus-centered dinner might fit the bill and I am happy to report that 3 out of 4 kiddos (including Marco) were on board. Allow me to introduce classic hummus meets beta-carotene, in the form of sweet potatoes. The […]

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Pupu Platter 2.0

Here are a few more ideas for creating an interesting plate of appetizers for a dinner party: Two yogurt dips made with gold and red beets, dates stuffed with Parmesan cheese and Marcona almonds and my all time favorite, Japanese eggplant involitini. The dates could not be easier to make. Here are all the ingredients […]

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Beckie’s Green Pea Hummus

Part of what makes having a food blog so much fun is not only sharing our recipes but also featuring people, businesses and products we love.  The Organic Dish is one of my Boulder faves. When I first heard about Beckie’s business I was really intrigued. Making partially prepared meals that are easy, creative and healthy is […]

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