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Red and White Wine Poached Pears


This recipe for poached pears is one of my favorites to have around the holidays. Once you make the pears, they are so versatile. You can slice them into salads or use them as an hors d’oeuvre in a cheese plate.  Once you taste them, you’ll start thinking of all kinds of creative possibilities.  I know Kimberly […]

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How to Dress Up a Cheese Plate, III


I love to include marinated goat cheese on my cheese plates. Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy here in Boulder makes an exceptional one but it is a little pricey (with good reason as the ingredients are very high quality). The good news is that marinated goat cheese is remarkably easy to make. It only takes a few days for […]

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How to Dress Up a Cheese Plate, II


"And don’t forget the crackers" – as Wallace of Wallace and Gromit will remind you. While I stand by my Triscuit Thins Crisps, I like to combine them with these other amazing crackers. 34 Degrees Crispbread are attractive, thin crackers that are wonderful for soft cheeses (and schmootz’s). Mary’s Gone Crackers  are gluten free but don’t […]

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How to Dress Up a Cheese Plate


  Lately, I have been noticing some pretty amazing things at the cheese counters where I shop. In San Francisco’s Bi Rite, I found this little treasure of dried apricots layered with chopped pistachios from Valley Produce Company in Australia.  We paired thin slices of the fruit paste with some amazing wasabi flavored goat cheese.  This combination […]

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Trail Mix Upgrade: Sahale Snacks


  Consider Sahale Nut Snacks trail mix for foodies. These gourmet nut and fruit combos are totally amazing, very interesting and even good for you. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Sahale was started in 2002.  These snacks are available at upscale groceries and health food stores across the country.  Their website has a search tool to find retailers […]

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Fantastic Figs


When I lived in California, so many people had fig trees.  This time of year was replete with this biblical fruit. Not only are figs fiber and calcium rich, they are also natural humectants making them ideal for use in energy bars. Pressed fig almond cakes are the proverbial first energy bars. These huge cakes originated in Spain.  They are made […]

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