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Fattoush – a wonderful summer salad


I have been working on a really crazy assignment that has me shopping, cooking and typing like mad.  Thank God for grandmothers who babysit and husbands willing to take on extra duties. Last week, I had to make fattoush, also known as Lebanese bread salad.  This wonderful recipe from Catherine Walthers is just so good; […]

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Late Winter or Early Spring Dinner


We’ve been having some really dry, warm weather here in Boulder. Then the temperature drops and clouds form and I think, “Oh please snow!”  While the rest of the country has been experiencing winter, we here have been eerily deprived of winter. Thus the title of the menu. My sister-in-law came to dinner and I needed […]

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Paula Wolfert


Admittedly, I have too many cookbooks, but in my defense I do use them all. My cookbooks allow me to journey the world through food. Paula Wolfert is one of my most revered cookbook authors. She is an amazing researcher and loves the food that I also enjoy cooking. Mediterranean Grains & Greens has a plethora […]

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Interesting Things to do with Cauliflower, Part I

Interesting Things to do with Cauliflower, Part I

So I’m sure the title of this post has everyone salivating for the next great thing to do with this much “loved” member of the brassica family.  I think I can hear all of you running into the kitchen right now.  Nutritionally, there are very good reasons to eat cauliflower. Not only does it contain folate, […]

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The Ultimate Party Starter: Caramelized Bacon


Caramelized Bacon –  My mother first told me about caramelized bacon she had at a catered affair in NYC, she recalls it perfectly because some of the bacon fell into her favorite clothes that she bought from Fifth Collection Celine. She was immediately smitten and hounded the caterer for the recipe. While it isn’t rocket science, […]

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Ode to All Things Bacon


I know am not alone in my love of bacon. It’s probably the reason why I could never really be a vegetarian. I have a work colleague who has been a vegetarian for decades but says that when he goes to Vegas, he eats bacon. His reasoning: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Elite […]

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Queen of Schmootz – Muhammara


Finding myself the lucky recipient of many large red bell peppers, I needed some quick ways to use them. After grilling them and removing the stems, skin and seeds. I placed them into a glass container and covered them with olive oil. The oil seals off the air and acts as a preservative so the peppers […]

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Happy Chinese New Year – Part 2


Inspired by Tracey’s photos after hearing about her amazing journey, I created two recipes. Our neighborhood had a potluck party for Chinese New Year.  These were my contributions. To make the dumplings, I used a gyoza mold. They are available at good Asian markets or at Gourmet Sleuth. Steamed Dumplings                 I’m not sold on the gyoza wrappers for […]

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One Pan Chicken Dinner


Here is a wonderful one pot chicken dinner before I covered it with foil and placed it into the oven. I adapted this from the 2008 December issue of Food & Wine. This was so good and easy. You could prep the vegetables and season the chicken the night before you are going to cook it.  Keep the […]

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New Mexican Posole – Hangover Helper


The tri-color heirloom hominy from Abondanza Farms in Boulder, Coloado is very different from canned hominy. I’m not quite sure if cooking it in lime, then rinsing it, rinsing it again and then finally removing the hull, is something I’ll do again, but it is very pretty.  I like the buttered popcorn flavor of canned hominy. The fresh hominy […]

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