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Buttrick’s Maple Ginger Cake with Warm Maple Syrup


I call this Buttrick’s Ginger Cake because the original recipe was introduced to me by a family of cake bakers. For the Buttricks, dear friends from New York, cakes were an integral part of growing up. I made some slight changes to this cake which might be considered sacrilege, as the original recipe called for […]

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Upside Down Apple Cake


We have found a new favorite "anytime" cake chez Shafroth. I still love the Aspen Apple Cake but this recipe takes apple cake to another level. I found the recipe on Cook’s Country. They called it "Blue Ribbon Apple Cake" but I think upside down is a better descriptor.         Not all the recipes on Cook’s Country are […]

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Dorie Greenspan’s No-Bake White Chocolate Pie


I whipped up this pie for a pot luck party and I did not bring home any leftovers.  Creamy, sweet with white chocolate and kissed with vanilla, this pie is a winner.  Dorie Greenspan featured this recipe on her blog back in November and I filed it away to try.  Canned sour cherries took the […]

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Slow Cooker Dulce de Leche (aka Milk Caramel)


So about three weeks before Christmas, Marco slides up to me in the kitchen, starts kissing my neck and whispers in my ear “Is it time get out the slow cooker?”  This is how romance works in our home, I know the drill.  I get kisses, he gets dulce. And everyday when he comes home from work […]

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Golden Apple Galette with Sweet Cookie Crust


I adapted this recipe from Shamane Simons of Shamane’s Bake Shop in Boulder. The crust was featured in the Boulder Daily Camera just before Thanksgiving. The crust has the best texture. Golden Delicious apples are great for this type of tart as they are soft and cook quickly. This is the perfect ending to a […]

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The Holiday Table – Almond Brown Butter Cake


One of my most cherished cake recipes, brown butter cake, is decadent and really delicious. In France, brown butter is known as beurre noisette. The  literal translation is nutty butter. If you’ve never had or made brown butter, fret not. The little bit of work is well worth the nutty, caramel-like flavor it imparts to this delectable cake. […]

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Classic Chocolate Tart


This tart was a big hit chez Shafroth and I can safely say, it is also good the next day. The crust is simple to make as is the filling. It hits the spot after dinner and will satisfy any chocolate craving. Freshly whipped cream is an excellent accompaniment as is a nice cup of expresso.  […]

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In Honor of Gourmet Magazine, Part II


Just in case you missed us yesterday, Chicago food blogger, Julie Ohara, from A Mingling of Tastes came up with a great idea to honor Gourmet magazine (oh and if you hadn’t heard by now, Conde Nast has shut Gourmet down). The last printed magazine is the Thanksgiving issue. As I partake in this online […]

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Martha’s Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies


I admit it, I have a penchant for chocolate chip cookie and brownie recipes, I love trying new recipes in an effort to discover what we deem “the best.”  I could easily turn to Cook’s Illustrated for the answer, but that would be too easy.  Besides who is going to complain about chocolate chip cookies and brownies […]

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Millionaire Shortbread


This image might be familiar to a few readers. It was the cover of a book of recipes I did for my friends and family back in 1989. Jane Bresnick came with me to the San Francisco Farmers Market on Alemany Ave. (not in the fancy clean Ferry Building but right off of highway 280) […]

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