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Happy Birthday Gooey Butter Cake


This cake could also be called, “Oh my God, this is sooooooo good” Gooey Butter Cake.  My mom made this Paula Deen classic for my birthday because I am partial to vanilla desserts.  Gooey Butter Cake might just become a birthday tradition. This cake is super rich. Think cheesecake spiked with lots of butter and […]

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Happy Chinese New Year – Part 2


Inspired by Tracey’s photos after hearing about her amazing journey, I created two recipes. Our neighborhood had a potluck party for Chinese New Year.  These were my contributions. To make the dumplings, I used a gyoza mold. They are available at good Asian markets or at Gourmet Sleuth. Steamed Dumplings                 I’m not sold on the gyoza wrappers for […]

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Pumpkin Pie Squares for a Snowy Day


There’s something about snowy days that inspires me to bake.  Maybe, I just want to turn the oven on to add some extra warmth to the house?  Maybe, it is easier to eat desserts in the winter because one can wear a sweater instead of a bathing suit? I keep a file of “desserts to […]

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Pancakes for Supper


My grandfather loved having pancakes for supper on Sunday nights. The children’s book by that title is wonderful with beautiful graphics. Below is our family recipe for Pancakes for Supper. Be sure to serve your pancakes with really good bacon and/or your favorite sausage links. Whole Grain Dinner Pancakes Obviously,these are just as good for breakfast. They […]

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Chaat – Not Related to Chit

Chaat - Not Related to Chit

Vik’s Chat House in Berkeley, CA is a real gem. They started out as a small storefront and distribution company for all ingredients needed to cook authentic Indian food. They grew into a warehouse like restaurant that offers some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had. Their mango lassi (a thick yogurt smoothie made with mangoes, yogurt […]

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White and Dark Chocolate Bark with Salted Peanuts


This “Winter Bark” from Martha Stewart’s Living, December 2008 was one of the goodies I prepared over the holidays.  I had never made chocolate bark before but thought the recipe sounded good and it certainly looked simple enough. The combination of swirled white and dark chocolate studded with salted cocktail peanuts was totally yummy and […]

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Poached Pear & Hazelnut Clafouti


This is one of my favorite winter desserts using poached pears. Clafouti is a cake-like pudding from France that is great with many fruits and it is easy to make.  This clafouti with poached pears is elegant and really wonderful served with vanilla ice cream or some simple whipped cream. Enjoy! Poached Pear & Hazelnut Clafouti 1 […]

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Peanut Butter Cream Sandwich Cookies


If you’ve got a cookie swap coming up, these will be a hit, especially with those who love peanut butter cookies.  My mom found this recipe in November’s Better Homes and Gardens.  For holidays, I often gift my mom a "cookie club."  She picks recipes that look good and I bake them for her.  These peanut butter […]

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Coconut Almond Granola


This has been one of my most loved homemade holiday gifts for years.  The dates are chewy; the oats, cereal and almonds supply all the crunch you’ll need and the tropical notes of the coconut are welcomed on cold winter mornings.  Last year, this recipe was featured in a recipe round up in fresh magazine. Coconut […]

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Take and Bake Cookie Doughs: Move Over Pillsbury!


From the basic to the grown up, there are new companies jumping into the prepared cookie dough game, and it’s about time! The Ice Box Bakery out of Boulder has some wonderful flavors of all natural cookie dough: Cherry Pie, Ginger Spice in addition to Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Sugar Cookie. Another company out […]

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