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If you are a peanut lover…


  Some of our dear friends travelled to Virginia on vacation and brought back some edible souvenirs from The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg.  I was lucky enough to receive a tin of these peanuts as a gift and I will never look at peanuts the same again.  These extra-large, extra-crisp, lightly salted and roasted peanuts are […]

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Recipe Round Up – Apple Desserts


Now that you’ve been to the orchard and picked bags and bushels of apples, what are you going to do with all of them?  Here’s a sampling of web, TV and print recipes featuring apples for dessert: From Cooking Light:  Apple Cranberry Crisp   From fresh Magazine:  Lanni Orchards Caramel Apple Pie Cups      From the Food […]

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Trail Mix Upgrade: Sahale Snacks


  Consider Sahale Nut Snacks trail mix for foodies. These gourmet nut and fruit combos are totally amazing, very interesting and even good for you. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Sahale was started in 2002.  These snacks are available at upscale groceries and health food stores across the country.  Their website has a search tool to find retailers […]

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Edible Communities Quarterly


While recently visiting Aspen, I picked up a wonderful publication, edible ASPEN, at the Farmers’ Market. To my delight, I found that there is also an edible FRONT RANGE (Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs). Tracey Ryder founded Edible Communities in 2002 to "celebrate the abundance of local foods" in communities throughout the U.S and Cananda.  These magazines are such a […]

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Three Cheers for Parchment Paper


I was introduced to parchment paper at my first baking job with Cakes Extraordinaire in Portland, Maine.  We used parchment to line full sheet pans for baking huge sheet cakes.  Fast forward 23 years and home cooks now demand more restaurant-quality tools.  Today, parchment paper is available at grocery stores for under $4.00. What is the difference […]

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Time for Teaism


The first time I sipped at Teaism was such a treat that I can vividly recall the aromatic teas, salty oat cookies and ginger scones.  Not a fancy place, Teaism just does things right.  Barr asked that I specifically mention their chai tea, which she finds uncommonly good and fantastically prepared. There are three Teaism locations in […]

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Recipe Round Up – Fresh Sage


Here’s a sampling of web, TV and print recipes featuring fresh sage: From Bon Appetit: Chicken Saltimbocca with Lemon Sauce, a recipe by the 1,2,3 Cook, Rozanne Gold. From Food and Wine: Lemon Glazed Roast Pork with Sage, a recipe by the acclaimed chef and restauranteur Laurent Gras. From Gourmet: Tuscan Beans, a recipe by Faith […]

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Food Literature – Animal, Vegetable, Miracle


I am almost finished reading this wonderful book on growing and eating one’s own food by Barbara Kingsolver.  The author and her family chronicled an entire year of being “localvores”, those who live off what their land produces, supplemented only by food available locally.  I recommend this book to anyone who is completely out of touch with how food is grown and […]

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Potato Harvest 2008


My seven year old son, Maverick*, grew potatoes this year.  For two years, he has been a single crop farmer.  Last year, he grew corn in his 3×4 foot patch of earth.  Planting seed potatoes was fun:  Prep the soil.  Make little mounds.  Insert seed potatoes.  Water and watch for potato worms.  Harvest (late summer/early fall).  […]

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Lunchbox Chronicles: Rice Crispy Treats


     Every September, the struggle begins.  I am not talking about spelling lists, multiplication tables or strict bedtimes.  I am talking about school lunch.  More specifically, what is going to fill the lunch boxes that belong to my children?  I find packing lunches to be a big challenge.  I want the contents to be nourishing, to […]

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