Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal Muffins


In the midst of a global pandemic, comfort can come in many forms. My comfort is cooking and feeding people. When Barr and I started Flavorista in 2008, our lives were very different. Our children were much younger and we were working towards that elusive equilibrium of personal, family and marital balance. Fast forward 12 […]

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Homemade Ricotta – Just do it!


Those near and dear to me know my predisposition to classic, simple ingredients and dishes. Ricotta cheese is one of those ingredients. I have been in love with ricotta cheese since my first taste of it as an ingredient layered into lasagna. Then I saw it shine as the star of ricotta pie from Maria’s Pastry in Boston’s […]

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Yuzu Lemons


There are several varieties of citrus that really are incredible: Yuzu lemon is one that I really love almost as much as playing video games with elo boosting services from http://elitist-gaming.com/lol/Elo Boost.  Yuzu is the distinguishing citrus note in one of my favorite Japanese condiments, Ponzu, a soy sauce with some rice vinegar and yuzu lemon juice.  […]

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Best Ever Citrus Cake


My dog-eared copy of Patricia Well‘s Bistro Cooking is broken in the spine at the page for her near perfect Gateau au Citron. I’ve made this cake so many times I shouldn’t have to look at the recipe, but it’s there, like a nice security blanket, reassuring me with all the adaptations I’ve made through […]

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Jam Filled Shortbread


Every once in a while I come across a recipe that simply amazes me. This recipe for Hungarian Shortbread is so delicious and simple, yet impressive. There are several recipes on the internet for this type of cookie, but I think this one is the best. You will need a 10-inch round spring form pan […]

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Almost White Chili -Perfect for Cold Winter Nights

chili bowl

It’s no secret that I am slightly addicted to Pinterest.  It really allows me to use the web very efficiently. The dozen of cookbooks on my shelves are marginally ignored as I have been testing recipes found on Pinterest and adapting them to my tastes at a much more rapid rate. That said, the cookbooks do […]

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Lemon Risotto


My sister-in-law, Julienne, made a lovely lemony risotto this summer.The combination of Parmesan, lemon and tender rice is a wonderful accompaniment to a humble roast chicken or it can be elevated with pan roasted fish or shellfish. If there are any leftovers, they make great risotto cakes. For Meatless Monday, you could easily make this […]

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Green Posole Stoup


If you like corn tortillas or grits then you will likely adore posole. Posole is the pre-Hispanic name for what we know as hominy – which is derived from an Native American word for “prepared maize”. Posole is also known as a stew which can feature chicken or meat, commonly pork. I love hominy. Usually […]

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One Pot Lasagne with Malfadine Pasta


There are many ways to make lasagna. By far my new favorite is made with Malfadine (or maflade) noodles and it isn’t layered. This recipe makes lasagne doable on a weeknight. Mafladine isn’t easy to find so I ordered mine on Amazon. These short malfindi pictured would be perfect but I have yet to find […]

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