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Definition of Flavor (Encarta Dictionary):

Characteristic Taste – An identifiable or distinctive quality of food or drink perceived with the combined senses of taste and smell.

Definition of Flavorista (Barr & Kimberly):

We see this site as a place to explore and highlight fabulous flavors. From the farmer’s market to the grocery store and everything in between, we’ll taste it and tell you about it. We will share our inside scoop; what has worked in our kitchens and what has not. Flavor is a monumental topic; it can be a nuance or it can be super bold. Flavor is what makes the difference between an average meal and a mind blowing taste experience. We strongly encourage anyone who will listen to slow down and smell the coffee, indulge in chocolate, appreciate Chantenay carrots. Enjoy and take in whatever it may be that is gracing your plate.

We mark time in our kitchens by what happens to be in season, nodding with respect to nature’s bounty. When the blackberries finally reach their peak, we’ll share the wondrous things that appear in our ovens and on our counters.


We also admire food companies who are doing the right thing and creating superlative products. Certain grocery store items can make cooking easier and sometimes better than “from scratch.” We place high value on the efficient use of precious time. We will bring these products and tips to you. McCormick’s Chipotle Chile Pepper, a “spice aisle find” is fantastic on eggs, beans, dips and in salad dressing. It is smoky, without too much heat. We just love it.

We find the topic of flavor all consuming. In our work, flavor is about delivering top notch recipes to our clients. In our homes, flavor is about what’s in season, what’s manageable and what we are craving. We worked together as creative chefs at Odwalla and at the beloved East coast juice company, Fresh Samantha. We have come back together to collaborate on Flavorista bringing lots of tasty information to you for your kitchen.

If you have ideas for Flavorista like food tales, new products, favorite recipes, talented chefs, marvelous markets or sensational ingredients, please contact Kimberly or Barr.

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