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Lunchbox Chronicles: Rice Crispy Treats


     Every September, the struggle begins.  I am not talking about spelling lists, multiplication tables or strict bedtimes.  I am talking about school lunch.  More specifically, what is going to fill the lunch boxes that belong to my children?  I find packing lunches to be a big challenge.  I want the contents to be nourishing, to […]

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In Praise of Port Wine


I am wrapping up a writing/recipe assignment that revolved around cooking with wine.  One of the dishes is a crispy duck breast served with a port, fig and shallot wine reduction sauce.  My love affair with port began my freshman year at Cornell.  Port was simply delicous, yet at the same time exotic and complex.  I’ve […]

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Spice Girl


Savory Spice of Colorado is my favorite place to buy spices. The Johnstons’ opened their first store in Denver and recently opend a second in Boulder. Fret not, they also have a fantastic website that features wonderful recipes and all kinds of ways to use their concoctions. One of my favorites is Capital Hill Seasoning. I […]

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Tonic Water Rediscovered!


If you haven’t heard of or sipped Q Tonic, we highly encourage you to get some in your glass. It makes you wish they never stopped making tonic this way. Say good-bye to overly sweet Canada Dry.  Q Tonic has fewer calories and is sweetened with agave syrup.  It even has real honest to goodness quinine in it! Historically quinine was […]

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Pasta Pronto


          Mom’s Pasta Sauce is one of the best prepared sauces out there. Each year, the makers of Mom’s contract to purchase tomatoes from one California farmer. The result is an incredibly consistent sauce with intense, sun-ripe flavor.  It is as good as homemade. There are pieces of whole garlic and large basil leaves […]

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Barilla Plus – Stealth Health


Barilla Plus was developed by a man who visited 250 families and was appalled by the fact that children were eating plain pasta with butter on it. He decided that he would develop a pasta that would actually deliver some nutrition so that the kids would get some fiber and protein and other whole grain […]

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