Gadget Love – Julienne Peeler/Slicer


After reading about how much Elana loves her julienne slicer, I decided that I should give one a try.  I have a mandolin slicer that I use for uniform, thin sliced potatoes but I don’t love the mandolin and I am generally fearful that one of the kiddos is going to cut themselves with it. […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas to Savor, Final Installment


When in doubt, go for a book, gadgets or something homemade! Momfuku by David Chang is probably one of the best cookbooks of the year. If you are ever in New York, his restaurants are a must.       Citrus reamers or a citrus press like you see in Mexico.   Kimberly’s Sweet & […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas to Savor, Part 2


Is it just us or did the holidays arrive very quickly this year?  Here’s a few more ideas for that special flavorista on your list: For those flavoristas who would like to make their own salad dressings, this gadget makes it easy. Measurements for 3 dressings are right on the bottle. The Emulstir by Chef […]

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Let’s Talk Le Creuset…


To say I am pragmatic about kitchen purchases is an understatement.  My working kitchen has limited space so when it comes to new equipment and gadgets, I ponder, ponder and ponder just a bit more before I finally commit to a purchase. I had been secretly lusting after a Le Creuset pot for years – […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas to Savor, Part 1


If you did not exhaust yourself shopping on The Hunger Site, we have many more ideas for the flavorista on your list. For the loose leaf tea lover, try the Aladdin insulated travel mug with infuser. This is my new favorite way to enjoy tea, The basket flips up into the lid by way of […]

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Citrus Pork Shoulder Under Pressure


Entertaining sometime soon?  Pork shoulder is a cinch with a pressure cooker. Most of the prep and cooking should be done the night before but even early morning on the day of your party will make it easier for you to enjoy your guests. Another advantage to cooking it the day before is that you […]

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Lemon “Cream”


This week on the Food Network, Giada DeLaurentis, Ina Garten and Rachel Ray all demonstrated different ways to squeeze a lemon. Giada squeezes it into her hand to catch the seeds; Rachel squeezes them as pictured below so that the seeds don’t fall out and Ina just takes her chances and pulls the seeds out. I love […]

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Easy Apples


This is another of my favorite gizmo’s: I got this apple peeling gadget from L.L. Bean many years ago when I was first married.  I get so many comments from people, especially kids, who come into my kitchen to visit.  While it may seem ridiculous to have something that just peels apples, it is really useful for […]

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An Equipment “Must Have” – Immersion Blenders


I have a confession:  I cannot imagine life in the kitchen without my immersion blender, also called a hand blender. Of course, I use it for making smoothies, but its primary use is pureeing soups right in the pot. There’s no fear of burning yourself while transferring hot soup to a blender.  Additionally, there is […]

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