Ode to Trader Joe’s


One thing I really miss living in Colorado is Trader Joe’s. This grocery chain has a knack for not only producing decent pre-made foods but also for having unusual items for the creative cook. For the quality of product, the prices cannot be beat.  I am so obsessed that I make sure whenever I’m in a state that has a Trader Joes, I stop in and fill up a suitcase. Kimberly has the same compulsion, re-routing through Cambridge, MA to hit the Trader Joe’s whenever she drives to Boston.  She also has a standing order (Jarred Morello Cherries, Italian Tomato Starter Sauce and Peach Sauce) with any friends arriving from Trader Joe’s states.

This package of Harvest Grains Blend Isreali Couscous is a new favorite. The split yellow peas, spinach orzo and red quinoa give it a nice nutty flavor. With some butter or extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, this is an easy accompaniment to any weeknight dinner. This blend can also be easily dressed up with cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, Italian parsley and a little balsamic vinegar as a great side for a dinner buffet or for a notable contribution to a potluck affair.

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