Fried Pickles?!


By now, it is probably clear that I have quite a penchant for pickles: dill, sweet or spicy.  I love to make pickles, I love to eat pickles, I serve pickles almost everynight with supper.  I just love ’em!  So imagine my surprise when I found a "Fried Pickle Basket" on the menu at my favorite wing restaurant/bar, Binga’s Wingas.

I knew that my hubby, Mark, would not be joining me for fried pickles.  My "meat and potatoes" guy has an aversion to vinegar.  He gave me a look that said "are you really going to eat fried pickles?"  "I thought we came here to eat wings?"  When the fried pickles and wings arrived at our table, I couldn’t wait to taste.  Fried Pickles are addictive: Salty, sour pickle chips, lightly breaded and fried to crispy perfection.  The Fried Pickles surpassed my expectations.  I had to stop myself from ignoring the outstanding Buffalo wings that I came for in the first place.

On the drive home, I pondered, "Who could have invented Fried Pickles?"  My first instinct was to credit some masterful, Southern cook.  Fried Pickles just seemed so Paula Deen.  My 2nd guess was that Fried Pickles originated in the Midwest, at a state fair or possibly a pickle festival.  Turns out, Fried Pickles are Southern in origin.  Both Cock of the Walk in Nashville, TN. and Hollywood Cafe in Robinsonville, MS. claim to be the inventors of the fried pickle, also know as "frickles."

For More Info on Fried Pickles and where to find them on the East coast, check out Erin Zimmer’s post on Serious Eats.  Perhaps, I’ll have to torture my family with a Fried Pickle road trip?


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