What does a Flavorista give a Remodelista for her birthday?


My friend Julie over at Remodelista just had a birthday and I am lamenting that I didn’t get her a gift certificate to the new Tyler Florence store in her hometown of Mill Valley, CA. I love this Emile Henry tart plate that would be perfect for making a puff pastry tart and then layering with creme fraiche and smoked salmon. The one at Tyler Florence was an amazing aubergine color.  His store is beautiful and features upscale new items for the kitchen, alongside a few choice antiques napkins, cutlery and other gorgeous adornments for the kitchen – practical, funtional and beautiful.

Although I was pretty spot on with the gift of the wonderful, Outstanding in the Field, a Farm to Table Cookbook. Julie had the pleasure of dining in the "field" and said that it was one of the best meals she ever had. Jim Denevan’s website is great. He prepares meals at 35 different locations – at the source of where the food is grown. My wish for 2009 – that I will be out standing in one of his fields waiting for the dinner bell!

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