Five Questions with Kathy Patalsky


Flavorista found Kathy Patalsky via Twitter and we couldn’t be more impressed. Kathy is the creator of The Lunchbox Bunch and the author of a vegan blog called Healthy. Happy. Life.

What is your latest project?
An amazing California-wellness themed cookbook. It will include vegan recipes, photos, stories and wellness tips. It’s based on my blog.  I also continue to work on building awareness about my healthy kids brand, The Lunchbox Bunch. ‘Creating healthy kids’ is my mission. Vegan cooking and wellness is my passion.

What is the one food or beverage ingredient that you cannot live without?
Coconut water, fresh from a coconut. I’m a total addict. I have at least two servings a day. My favorite foods to cook with are sweet potatoes and avocados.

Who is your mentor, professionally or personally?
I adore Rebecca Woods, Marilu Henner and my favorite California-style chef, my mom.

What is your favorite food memory from childhood?
My special childhood birthday meal was fresh California-style guacamole followed by my mom’s amazing vegetarian lasagna. And a side of kale sautéed with olive oil and garlic. Yes it’s a strange menu, but I always requested it on my birthday.

What would be your ultimate meal?
100% vegan, with raw foods interlaced. I’d love to see a ten course tasting menu at Candle 79 or Blossom restaurants here in NYC. Lots of tempeh, seitan and tofu. Lots of fresh organic farmer’s market fare. And of course an amazing bottle of biodynamic red wine to go with it.

To check out Lunchbox Bunch, click here or on the logo below:

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