The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry


Flinn Book

Flavorista Kitty gave me this culinary coming of age book for my birthday.  I devoured it in less than a week, which is a pretty gigantic accomplishment around here, as the majority of books I get through from cover to cover are on CD, in the car stereo.

Kathleen Flinn’s memoir is a very easy read.  She is an excellent writer who really draws the reader into her story.  “The Sharper Your Knife” tells the tale of a woman who gets fired, chases her dream of a Cordon Bleu education and falls in love.  Professional chaos, French food and a love story, what’s not to like?

I have made one recipe, Mustard Chicken, from the book; it was completely delicious.  I have photos of said dish, but a beige sauce on top of browned chicken does not make good amateur food photography so I am sparing you the brown on brown delight.  Instead try to imagine, perfectly tender chicken thighs, seasoned to a T, finished with a divine, cream-based mustard sauce.  Oh yeah, it was that good.

Be sure to check out Flinn’s blog, Eat. Write. Now.  I was mightily impressed that she posted a photo of her disheveled spice drawer to illustrate the importance of keeping spices fresh in order to yield the best flavor.

PS – Flinn’s book is being made into a movie, how cool is that?

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