Things to do with Red Pepper Jelly


A few years ago at a holiday party, I tasted red pepper jelly for the first time.  The hostess served it on crackers with cream cheese, straightforward party fare.  As a recipe writer, I love to use red pepper jelly in glazes and sauces.  If you haven’t discovered the versatility of red pepper jelly, it is time you do.

Stonewall Kitchen’s Red Pepper Jelly is especially nice.  Click here for 10 recipes using red pepper jelly developed by the saavy chefs down at Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME.

Pepper and Apple Roasted Chicken  – If you do not live near a Hannaford, you can sub any apple BBQ sauce for the apple grilling sauce.

Sweet Onion Smothered Burgers

Zucchini Latkes with Red Pepper Jelly and Smoked Trout

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