Time for Homemade Ice Cream


I cannot remember when I got this ice cream maker, but goodness do I remember life before we had it; very dull let me tell you, very dull.  Homemade ice cream makes the world a better place.  Maverick was swooning just the other day “about that homemade ice cream you make, it is soooooooo good!”

There are many different kinds of ice cream makers out there.  I happen to really like this one.  You freeze the cylinder and prep the ice cream base one day ahead of when you would like to make it.  Then it is as simple as pour the mix into the cylinder and turn it on.  Within, 30 minutes you’ll have some seriously addictive ice cream.

It is a tad noisy so if you want to have homemade ice cream for dessert at a dinner party, power it from an outlet in the bedroom, away from your guests.  For an easy no cook, egg free, vanilla ice cream base, click here.  For my favorite tangerine sorbet recipe, click here.  More recipes to follow…

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