Pumpkin Ginger Deliciousness


Around the holidays sometimes a little smoke and mirrors is necessary.  I am all for homemade cookies and for Martha Stewart Gingerbread Houses, but my reality is that sometimes I take short cuts, especially when deadlines are looming over my head.

Right now, despite the snow and winter temperatures, my kitchen is cranking out a burger round up for Father’s Day.  Despite my children’s enthusiasm for Christmas, my work clipboard reads, “GRILL TIME!”

So what is a busy mom to do?  Treat herself to a grown up cookie treat that can be made in seconds (literally).  In less time than it takes to boil water for tea, you can have a small plate of these Ginger Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies at the ready.  Thank you Trader Joe’s!

Simply sandwich about 1 1/2 teaspoons of Trader’s Joes’s Pumpkin Butter between two Triple Ginger Cookie Thins and you are done.  Very pretty, brightly flavored, crispy cookies with a sweet filling.  Mmmmmm.

You could work off the same theme and offer shortbread sticks with lemon curd.  Or you could place a small amount of chocolate ganache or hot fudge between some Nabisco chocolate wafers.   Mix the latter with some quality hot cocoa and you might actually catch a buzz.

You definitely could showcase these cookies outside of tea time.  Offering them at the end of a dinner party with some satsuma tangerines would be perfectly lovely.  Thinking outside the box certainly has its benefits 🙂

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