5 Questions: Chef John Platt from Q’s in Boulder


Q’s, located in the historic Boulderado Hotel, is a classic Colorado establishment. You won’t hear the thumping of techno music as this is a serene environment with elegant food and excellent service. Here are Chef John’s answers to the Flavorista 5:

1. What are you currently working on other than making sure the restaurant and bar are running smoothly 24/7?
“As usual, I’m working on a number of catering and benefit dinner menus, as well as instituting some menu upgrades for the restaurant.  Keeping it seasonal and fun.  Our Q Bar menu is the best in town and it is fun keeping it that way.

I got bored with doing the same stuff for too long.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading and brainstorming to try to recharge my culinary batteries. Also trying to come up with a theme for our next Q’s Food and Wine Series dinner….maybe old world vs. new world wine styles and varietals? I am also looking forward to spring and getting my garden going!”

2. What are the food ingredients you can’t live without?
“Hmmmmm…my little squeeze bottle of lemon juice and good olive oil, potatoes, beer, bacon, slow cooked onions, Cholula and Sriracha hot sauces, sherry vinegar and Haystack Mt. Goat Dairy Chevre.
3. Who are your mentors or what has influenced you the most?
“I’ve been my own mentor and mentor to others for a while now, but past influences would have to include the chefs I worked for at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel in the mid 80’s, my Mom, my wife Sabrina, my talented sous chefs past and present, and Boulder’s Dave Query.
 4. What is your favorite food memory?
Swordfish steaks charcoal grilled with butter, lemon, salt and pepper on summer vacation with my family on Cape Cod.  Also, Mom’s cheese fondue and a veal and mushroom dish with noodles that she learned how to make when we lived in Switzerland for a year when I was 11.Best Restaurant Meal Ever: A perfect 9 courses at the French Laundry in 1998.”

5. What would be your ultimate meal, any and all details (place, menu, guests)?
“A simple outdoor meal made after a day on the beach or a day of fly fishing: Wellfleet oysters with lemon and hot sauce, a really great chargrilled steak, lobster steamed in seawater, sunwarmed garden sliced tomatoes with sherry vinegar, oil salt and pepper, several Sierra Nevada beers, Sabrina’s chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
Dinner with Sabrina and our boys would be just great. Celebrity guests could include Thomas Jefferson, Jimi Hendrix.”

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