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Michelle Pfennighaus is a health and wellness coach and yoga instructor.  She was featured in Lemonade, an inspirational documentary about advertising professionals who lost their jobs and found their calling.  Unlike most of the Lemonade stars, when Pfennighaus was laid off from a major Boston-based advertising agency, she was thrilled.

Inspired by the personal experience of conquering debilitating digestion and anxiety problems through yoga and changes in diet/lifestyle, she founded Find Your Balance Health & Wellness Coaching. Five Questions with Michelle Pfennighaus unique perspective has been featured on NPR, The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, ABC News, and World News with Diane Sawyer.

1) What was your latest project?

Most recently I’m working on my Reinvent Yourself: 21 Day Detox. It’s a spring cleaning for the body based on whole, real, clean food. It’s so funny – everyone thinks detoxing is about drinking juice with cayenne pepper or something like that. I’m all about creating a clean body by eating clean food. We are what we eat, right?

2) What is the one food or beverage ingredient that you cannot live without?

Kale. I swear! I went to Miami a few weeks ago and stocked our condo’s fridge with kale so I could at least get my dark, leafy greens in the morning with some eggs. The rest of the day…who knows what I was going to find at restaurants!

Kale has major nutritional value and the keeps my digestive system running properly. One of my favorite ways to get people to enjoy kale is by making kale chips! They are awesome.

3) Who is your mentor, professionally or personally?

I’ve learned so, so much from my yoga teacher, David Vendetti. His teaching re-introduced me to my body and inspired me to change my diet and begin teaching yoga to others.

4) What is your favorite food memory from childhood?

Oh, I always cooked as a kid. My mom and grandma taught me everything about cooking from scratch. There were no Pillsbury biscuits or Kraft Mac-n-cheese in our house! My favorite memory is making Christmas cookies with my mom. One year we made 10 batches of Strufoli (Italian fried dough balls in honey)!

5) What would be your ultimate meal?

My ultimate meal would be from farm-fresh ingredients (including tons of fresh herbs!) prepared together in a kitchen with great sunlight, laughter and a glass of wine.

FMI on Michelle’s program Reinvent Yourself: 21 Day Detox, click here.

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