Classic Cocktail – The Harvey Wallbanger


Mark your calenders flavoristas and buy some Galliano because tomorrow is Harvey Wallbanger Day.

What is a Harvey Wallbanger you might ask? It is a 1960’s era cocktail inspired by a California surfer named Harvey who, after a bad day, had a few too many of these tasty tipples. In an attempt to exit the bar, Harvey walked into a couple walls and the name of the drink was born.  We think it is a witty, little tale.  The recipe is offered below.

Galliano is a 100 year-old Italian cordial created by Arturo Vaccari.  He wanted to send his amici to the American gold rush with a souvenir of their homeland.  The signature flavor of Galliano is vanilla but there are also delicate hints of cinnamon, peppermint, juniper and anise.

My first experience with Galliano was as a teenager (and no it is not what you think).  Flavorista Julie’s dad used to order Galliano as his after dinner drink; it always seemed exotic to me.  With its signature bottle and yellow hue, Galliano is sure to be a crowd pleaser and conversation starter during your next gathering.

The Original Harvey Wallbanger:

There is no substitute for the Galliano so pick up a bottle for your holiday parties.

1.25 oz. vodka
3 oz. orange juice
0.50 oz. Galliano
1 slice orange

Fill a tall glass with ice and add the vodka and orange juice.  Float Galliano on top and stir. Garnish: An orange slice

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