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One Pot Dinners: A New Way to Cook Pasta

Barr's Pasta Pot

I am not sure where this idea originated but I first saw it on Facebook then on Pinterest. I adpated my versions from Budget Bytes and it has literally changed the way I cook pasta. The key thing to note is that this procedure only works for dried spaghetti, linguine or fettuccine. What’s so wonderful about […]

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Perfect Pine Nut Cookies


Most people associate pine nuts with Italian pesto. But there are many cuisines that use them in desserts. My favorite is the Italian pine nut cookie, sometimes called pignoli cookies. Admittedly I love almost any cookie that has nuts in it but the key for me is that they not be totally hard. That is […]

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One Pot Dinners: Two Recipes for the Slow Cooker

asian bowl

Here’s the thing: Most of us flavor lovers enjoy a bit of variety in our diets. Unfortunately there are times when our children do not. So I try and mix up the same old with some variations. I insert these meals throughout the month, mostly on the nights when I don’t have time to be […]

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  With the holidays fast apporaching, it’s time to start posting some great DIY ideas for holiday gifts and entertaining. Dukkah is one of my personal favorites. Delicious and very versitaile, dukkah tops the list. A web search brought me to The Lonely Radish blogspot where there were lots of great ideas of  ways to […]

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Peanut Butter Bars


With school starting accross the country over the next few weeks, there is a proliferation of peanut butter bars on Pinterest. Most of these recipe start with a box of cake mix. I have no idea why cake mix is viewed as easier as it surely can’t possibly be any easier than this recipe. In […]

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Cooking with Miso


If you’ve never used miso as an ingredient in your cooking, here are two good reasons to try. First, miso is a fermented food so it has those healthy probiotics that keep your gut healthy. Second, because of the fermentation process miso has a unique flavor that adds that special something, or umami – a […]

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Ethiopian Truffles – A Maida Heatter Classic


I love this cookie recipe from Maida Heatter‘s Book of Great Desserts, 1965. It’s one of my favorites for the simple reason that they have nothing to do with Ethiopia or with truffles. I no longer have a copy of this book but a quick Google search sent me right to the recipe! Incredible. So if […]

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Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie


Originally posted on Martha Stewart this recipe for the giant chocolate chip cookie is now a weekly item in our house. Why? IT”S A GIANT COOKIE! Need we say more? In all seriousness, this cookie is really good and it’s fun. Get a carton of your favorite ice cream and enjoy it a few minutes […]

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Fresno Chili “Sriracha”


Yet another recipe that has become a staple here that was inspired by a post of food52. Fresno chilies are perfect for making homemade sriracha. Five ingredients and 24 hours start the process. Once they are mixed together,  place into jars and allow to macerate for 24 hours at room temperature. If your  vinegar doesn’t cover […]

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Zucchini Recipe Round Up


Being away for a few weeks gave our zucchini time to proliferate which reminded me that now is the time to post the best things to do with the plethora of zucchini and yellow squash! My new favorite savory recipe was inspired by a post on food52. I made it recently and served it on […]

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