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Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal Muffins


In the midst of a global pandemic, comfort can come in many forms. My comfort is cooking and feeding people. When Barr and I started Flavorista in 2008, our lives were very different. Our children were much younger and we were working towards that elusive equilibrium of personal, family and marital balance. Fast forward 12 […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas to Savor, Part 2


Is it just us or did the holidays arrive very quickly this year?  Here’s a few more ideas for that special flavorista on your list: For those flavoristas who would like to make their own salad dressings, this gadget makes it easy. Measurements for 3 dressings are right on the bottle. The Emulstir by Chef […]

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Potted Shrimp


The recent issue of  Holiday Entertaining by Cook’s Illustrated has a recipe for potted shrimp. I compared it to the one I’ve had for years and used frequently over the holidays. I prefer the recipe below as the whipped cream cheese gives it a light consistency.  With its origins in England, Potted Shrimp is classic holiday fare.  […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas to Savor, Part 1


If you did not exhaust yourself shopping on The Hunger Site, we have many more ideas for the flavorista on your list. For the loose leaf tea lover, try the Aladdin insulated travel mug with infuser. This is my new favorite way to enjoy tea, The basket flips up into the lid by way of […]

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Christine’s Amazingly Yummy Salad


So I will now insert my foot into my mouth regarding salad dressings that have too much sugar in them. This salad is one that I LOVE and it has too much sugar, but for some reason, it works. Not surprisingly, my kids adored it too! Since the holidays are all about decadence, I thought […]

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Homemade Cranberry Sauce


Starting to think about Thanksgiving and ready to cross something off of the list? Make some homemade cranberry sauce! There is simply no reason to use canned cranberry sauce. Fresh cranberries abound this time of year and homemade cranberry sauce is so silly easy and my goodness, it tastes so much better than the canned variety. Classic […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Recipe Round Up


Since everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we highlight some Irish gastronomic gems:   Kerrygold Colcannon (Potatoes and Cabbage). Kerrygold butter and cheeses are available at many grocery stores.  The milk of grass fed cows makes the best butter and there certainly is lots of green pasture in Ireland.  If you are […]

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New Year’s Eve Garnish


Crystallized cranberries and kumquats are easy to make and so much fun for decorating drinks or desserts over the holidays. I used them to decorate a cranberry upside down cake and Indian Spiced Brittle (recipe will be along soon). If you slice one end of the fruit, it can be hooked on the rim of a […]

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Functional, Fantastic Kitchen Bowls


Anchor Hocking makes a really wonderful bowl that is very practical as they minimize splashing and since they can be stacked, they take up less space in the cupboard.      Nigella Lawson offers one of the more sensually shaped bowls. I love mine as they are egg shell blue and made of ceramic. I keep […]

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Wrap it Up…


Flavorista Jen wrote in from Indiana and wanted to know of some ways to package homemade goodies for holiday gifts?  For tins, I love to check out Dollar Tree.  This year, I found some really pretty golden orange tins that are going to be filled with Chocolate Peanut Bark then tied with raffia ribbon (as […]

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