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Ann Cooper, not your everyday “Lunch Lady”


I had the great pleasure of hearing Ann Cooper, author of Lunch Lessons and Bitter Harvest speak this week at the 5th Annual Naturally Boulder Days Conference. She is the self proclaimed "renegade lunch lady" and indeed she is. Her mission is to change children’s relationship with food in the hopes that she can reverse some of […]

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Deborah Madison- Vegetarianista!


  As one of the founding chefs of the venerable Greens restaurant in San Francisco, Deborah Madison along with Edward Epse Brown and Annie Somerville, elevated vegetarian food to cuisine. With eight cookbooks under her belt, it’s hard to pick a favorite but Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is truly an inspired work. Faced with an abundance of eggplant, […]

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Yes, There are American Culinary Traditions!


Molly O’Neill is a Flavorista Icon because she is fervently working  to document our melting pot culinary heritage. She is a great storyteller, food writer, critic and chef. Back in 1992, she started on her quest with the New York Cookbook which is still in print sixteen years later! This is such an amazing tome of recipes […]

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Flavorista Icon – Mary Watson Merritt aka Fannie Farmer

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The original Fanny Farmer, born Mary Watson Merritt, is best known for having standardized American cooking measurements . Instead of “1 teacup full” and “a pat of butter the size of an egg” she designed our current system of cups, teaspoons, tablespoons.  She was a reluctant student of the Boston School of Cooking and later became […]

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