Yes, There are American Culinary Traditions!


Molly O’Neill is a Flavorista Icon because she is fervently working  to document our melting pot culinary heritage. She is a great storyteller, food writer, critic and chef. Back in 1992, she started on her quest with the New York Cookbook which is still in print sixteen years later! This is such an amazing tome of recipes that capture New York and the eclectic home cooks, firehouse cooks, and restaurant chefs that live there.  Most recently, she edited a wonderful compilation called American Food Writing that lives at my bedside. There are fantastic writing tidbits and recipes from some of the best American writers about my favorite topic – food! Currently, she is a contributer to Saveur magazine.  O’Neill is continuing on the compelling quest to chronicle American food so stay tuned for more from this tireless and committed flavorista.


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  1. Brian September 23, 2008 at 1:39 pm #

    Dear Ms. Hogen,

    Thanks so much foer featuring our book American Food Writing. I want to alert you though that the hotlink from the image of the book goes to the Amazon page for the New York Cookbook. could you please correct to link here:

    Brian McCarthy
    The Library of America

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