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Fish Fridays – Baked Red Snapper a la Anthos


Having fish on Fridays is easy if you plan ahead. This dish was based on the presentation made by Michael Psilakis of Anthos on the Martha Stewart show. I was able to get several small whole red snappers. The best thing about this dish is that once you get it in the oven, you have […]

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Meatless Monday – White Beans with Tomato and Basil


My copy of Fields of Greens recently made its way back to me.  As I thumbed through it, I had a similar reaction to the one I had when I rediscovered Sundays at Moosewood.  What a seriously fabulous book, even if you are not a vegetarian. Fields of Greens is written by Annie Somerville, chef […]

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French Grated Carrot Salad


Warning: Over the next week, I plan to bombard you with carrot salad recipes.  My new julienne slicer has me looking at carrots in a whole new light. Full Disclosure: I am not a huge fan of carrots.  I recognize their culinary necessity and respect their nutritional integrity, but they just don’t impress me like […]

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Meatless Monday – Corn Cloud Pancakes


Back in my catering days, I probably cooked off thousands of  Corn Cloud Pancakes.  Made from a base of flour and cornmeal enriched with cream cheese, egg yolks, corn and scallions, these savory pancakes are more substantial than traditional pancakes.  I so love their versatility. While working for Food Talk Caterers, I made these by […]

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Fish Fridays – Swordfish a la Anthos


This was another delectable meal that I made from How to Roast a Lamb,  by Michael Psilakis- chef of Anthos in New York.  It was listed in the book as a recipe for fried Red Mullet with Lentils, Lemon and Dill. I was intrigued by the lentil recipe as it called for red wine and […]

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Meatless Monday: Mezze Platter


Inspired by Barr’s flavor trip on Devon Avenue, I decided that this week’s Meatless Monday would be a big mezze platter.  Ours featured hummus, carrots, roasted peppers (the kids think it is so cool to roast them over the gas burner), feta dip (whipped cream cheese, feta chives and a touch of milk), cucumbers, olives […]

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Alice Waters and Spicy Collard Greens


I intentionally tuned in to Martha this past Monday because she was going to be hosting Flavorista Icon, Alice Waters, to discuss her new book, In the Green Kitchen, Techniques to Learn by Heart. I did not make it through the whole show (the round table discussion seemed a bit forced) and the interviews did […]

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Meatless Monday: Grilled Portabella Sandwiches


‘Tis the season for grilling and these portabella sandwiches fit the bill perfectly.  With just a few ingredients, they are a snap to make. The portabella caps marinate in a classic lemon, olive oil garlic dressing while the grill heats up.  The sandwiches are easily finished with Boursin and baby arugula. Flavorista Eliza and I […]

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Lamb Burgers and Homemade Pita Bread


I love lamb burgers. Our friends at Lava Lake have a very fine ground lamb that is perfect for these burgers. This is an outstanding recipe that I serve along with homemade pita breads. If you’re thinking, “Is she insane? Why make pita bread by hand?”, I can assure you that it is far more […]

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