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Pickles are one of the most brilliant items that can grace a plate and accent a dish. With a salty, sour, sometimes sweet punch; it’s a win win.  Seriously, what would sushi be without pickled ginger?  Two years ago, I received a fantastic book called Quick Pickles – Easy Recipes for Quick Flavor.  You can purchase used at Amazon and I found new copies at BiggerBooks.com.  The recipes are easy and the photography is completely gorgeous.  Best of all?  Pickles are one of the simplest solutions to managing the end of season veggie fest.  With quick pickles, no canning is required.  All you need is a refrigerator.



Another reason why this book rocks the kitchen is that it was written by Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby, outstanding food professionals who have partnered on eight cookbooks.  They have a good formula for collaboration and super-great pickle recipes.

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